3M Black and Shine (Tire Cleaner)


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"Easy to use, just spray and leave to dry.
Helps to make the rubber shiny like new.
Protects rubber from UV rays, which is why the rubber is dry and cracked.
Foaming Action.
3M Black and Shine foam cleaning and coating for car protection 440 ml.
Just leave 3M Black and Shine to clean the dirt and varnish the rubber to shine.
Contains a mixture of UV protection, which can cause dry rubber to crack.
Easy to use, just spray and leave to dry.
Helps the tire shine like new – Protect the rubber from UV radiation which is a good way to dry the rubber.
How to use
Shake the can before use.
In case of spray falling on a surface other than rubber To wipe it off with a cloth
Leave dry before using the car."

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